April 7, 2012

Honor - Live - Create

I admit it - I write out my life in fiction. I guess you could really say that I draft out a dramatized version of the experiences that leave an impression on me. It really is therapeutic to be able to look at a situation on paper and see what I could have done differently or what worked/went well.

However, a dramatized version of life gives you an altered sense of the reality. What this means is we forget what is fantasy and fiction; then, we lose our grasp on reality. As wonderful as a fantasized version of our lives may be, when we wake up to reality we can get a "culture shock"

I have yet to hear it stated better:
Honor the past. Live the present. Create the future.

However, I usually say:
The past may suck, but it is what you were given. The present may hurt, but it is all you have to work with. The future is what you have left and what you do today will make or break whether your future will be exactly like the past. Don't let it.

Today, remember, your future is what you make of the today you have been given. The past is the past so there is nothing you can do about it, so move past. Live your life with no regrets, and in the end, there will be nothing for you to regret.

Honoring the past, living the present, and creating a better future,


January 14, 2012

Three Little Words

I Love You.

The first thought to this phrase is: "Aaaaaawwwhh!!" but I want to look at what this really means.

Definition of love: (From the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)
I would like to direct your attention down to number1a and 4a-
strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties
unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another
 I think this should give us a whole new perspective on the phrase "I love you" It isn't just for a man and a woman who are "in love" or even just for a mother and her child, in essence what you are saying is:

I have a strong affection for you based out of my unselfish and loyal concern for you.
In this case I think we should be much more careful about who we say "I love you" to, why we are saying it, and what we really mean. There is a big difference between, 'I love you" and "I kinda care about you"

What people don't realize though, is that most of the time it is the people around you who seem the most happy that need to be told, I love you, the most. Masks are so dangerous, and generally, they look like happy. So today, go tell someone "I love you," and mean it. Because you never know, you might just save their life.


The First Snow

I love snow, absolutely love it.

A sheet of snow on the ground covers everything. You can't see what was there before, it is simply covered.

The problem is that no matter how much snow falls, no matter if that is all you can see, all it does is cover. All the rocks, sticks, mud, and nasties are still there. When the snow melts, you will see it again, because the snow does absolutely nothing but cover it up.

This got me to thinking today as I watched the snow fall. We all have problems and pasts we want to dissipate, but I feel that all to often instead of addressing the root problem, we let the snow fall. It falls, and falls, and falls, and falls, beautiful as ever. People look and see a beautiful blanket of "snow" and we, momentarily, feel gratified. Happy, even, that we are able to look so beautiful.

But the sun will rise, like it does every single day, and the clouds will part, like they always do, and when that happens, the snow melts. The snow melts into a nasty slushy mess, revealing what is underneath and that what was there was just a cover, a facade. No matter how long we wear our masks, no matter how much a part of us they become, the moment we are put under fire, everything will slide off, and the truth will be revealed.

I have to be honest, that is what I fear most. The masks I choose to wear, who will be there when they come off? What will those people see? I like myself better with my masks, but I have to ask myself, is it really worth it? I have come to the conclusion, that no, it is not worth it. Why wear a mask, and cover yourself in a beautiful blanket of snow, when you can instead pick up the rocks, mud, dirt, sticks, and other nasties from your life. Be beautiful underneath the snow.

I promise, if you want to, if you are willing ot put in the work, you can be more beautiful after the snow melts. You can be even more striking without the mask.

Throw off the mask, and smile in your new beauty.

~ Danielle