September 21, 2011

Apprehension and Debate Partners

Right now I am stressing out.

This Monday, Mr. Wolcott will be announcing debate partners.
To non-debaters, this will seem trivial, and even silly. Fear not, I have not lost my mind.

My debate partner-to-be and I will be spending a lot of time together. I mean a LOT of time together.
Late nights on g-chat, mid-day panicked phone calls, early mornings at tourneys, and did I mention all the time we will be spending at coffee shops? :P (I am going to be seriously broke at the end of this debate season!)

My point is that I know I am not the only debater to be thinking this, and probably my partner to be is as scared as I am. Though I seriously doubt it. None of us want to be a disappointment.

The good news, is none of us will be a disappointment if we continue to put God first, then others, and then ourselves. The only way we can be dissapointments is if we make it all about winning and ourselves.

Just my "little" note of encouragement. :) See you lovely debaters on Monday, and some even sooner. :)

With His love,

Danielle <3


  1. Exactly how I'm feeling right now. Thanks for that! :)

  2. I am very glad I am not nervous. I am usually the one who is going bonkers but for some reason I am the one at peace at the moment. FEAR NOT! GOD IS WITH YOU!

  3. Have to agree.

    While nervous, we have the assurance that God had partners worked out before he even said "let there be light." That, and Mr. Wolcott.

    By the time Regionals roll around, no one would willingly trade their partner for another. My guarantee.

  4. Hannah, you will be an amazing partner. Whoever you are with will be blessed. :)
    Tyler, way to be awesome and not stress out!!
    Luke, thanks for the encouragement for all of us. :) I am so excited, even though I am scared.

  5. Hey Chica,
    This year will be awesome, and God wil use whoever your partner is to stretch you and grow you and encourage you in different ways.
    Remember to lean on Him and trust Him completely. Love you!

  6. Sarah, Thanks. :) I am really excited for Monday, because I do know God is working in wonderful ways, and will continue to, with all of us. Thank you for the encouragement!! Love ya Chica!! <3