November 3, 2011

Facebook Does Not Equal Evil

I sat there, looking at the statuses, looking at the names... I was wondering at what these people were far to willing to tell me. Half the names I don't recognize... More than that I don't remember one memory with. That is messed up. I feel like there is an ocean between me and my Facebook friends, an ocean that cannot be crossed by wall posts, and "pokes", and an insurmountable number of things you can now do that I am unaware of.

I stopped using Facebook a few months ago, more, I was just avoiding... But still, instead of leaving me joyful and fulfilled, it has been leaving me empty,sad, and lonely.

Perhaps this is why so many more people are using sites like, and e-harmony. I promise I don't have 200+ friends, and frankly Facebook reminds me of that.

Instead of being radical and saying Facebook is evil and we should all stop using it, I instead say, Facebook is a great thing, but we should be using it more wisely. Instead of posting a stat about that party you went to last night, post something encouraging, like how God is working in your life. The worst thing about FB to me, is all the useless, unintelligible, and just plain odd statuses. They drive me insane.

So today, remember, Facebook is just like anything else in life, and should be used to encourage.Quick Sidenote is this applies to blogs too... Be careful what you post, and remember who it can affect.

Have a good rest of your day!